Enthalpy has been analyzing EPA Method TO-14A canister samples for Ozone Precursor/Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Station (PAMS) Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) since 1997.  Enthalpy has the ability to screen and analyze for over 50 compounds including aromatics and C2-C12 hydrocarbons.  TO-14A is a robust sampling and analytical method commonly used in petroleum refinery and petrochemical manufacturing applications.

TO-14A samples are collected in leak-free stainless steel canisters and analyzed by high resolution gas chromatography utilizing a Flame Ionization Detection (GC/FID).  With dedicated laboratory space and a large inventory of sampling canisters, our modern facility allows us to handle a wide range of samples – from % to part per trillion (ppt) levels – we have the experience and know-how to handle any sampling scenario.

We can prepare, evacuate and ship canisters for TO-14A sampling on short notice – no project is too big or too small – and with nearly 20 years of experience analyzing TO-14A samples, our dedicated project managers and staff have you covered.

TO-14A Target Compound List