Enthalpy Analytical has over 25 years of experience with EPA particulate methods and performs over 10,000 unique gravimetric measurements annually.  From PM2.5 to non-sulfate particulate matter and everything in between, Enthalpy utilizes 4 evaporation chambers, 14 desiccators, and has the ability to obtain gravimetric weights as low as 0.00000 grams on a 6-place balance.

Enthalpy can provide uniquely labeled and packaged tare weighed filters with a single-business day notice for all methods.  Each of our gravimetric balances are calibrated daily with the use of NIST traceable challenge weights to ensure quality and consistency across all projects.

We have a broad understanding of today’s modern regulatory environment and the challenges of low level particulate measurements – any lab that claims these methods are simple, doesn’t know how much they don’t know.

EPA Methods:
• 5, 5A, 5B, 5F, 17, 24, 201A, 202, 315