Fugitive emissions is the release of potentially dangerous gases into the atmosphere at industrial facilities through process equipment leaks.  Most equipment leaks occur at valves, flanges, seals, sample connections and fittings.  Beyond the human health and safety risks associated with fugitive emissions, they also pose a pollution risk to the environment as well as a financial/product  loss for the facility.

There are many screening tools used to detect and locate fugitive emissions, however when accurate identification and quantification is required, laboratory support is needed.  Enthalpy has assisted with fugitive emissions and leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs for over 20 years.  Enthalpy understands facility processes via stationary source emissions and ambient air monitoring experience.  Working knowledge of how these two practices are similar but also different is a valuable perspective that Enthalpy can bring to your next program.

Often, fugitive emissions projects require ongoing fenceline monitoring to ensure LDAR programs are reducing environmental and facility risk.  Whether fugitive emissions identification, quantification, or ambient air monitoring is required, Enthalpy can provide analytical support for the most challenging of projects.

EPA Methods:
• TO-14A, TO-15, 325B

Other Methods:
• Radiello Passive Samplers