Enthalpy Analytical provides in vitro toxicology services for tobacco, smoke and e-Vapor.  Through the utilization of specialized tools, we are able to study early and late genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of individual compounds and materials of varying complexity and sources (i.e. plant, animal and human tissues, agrochemicals, drugs, personal care products, and natural products).  All testing performed in Enthalpy’s toxicology department is conducted following GLP guidelines. Our capabilities allow us to test products at various physical phases (gas, solid, liquid). We provide testing services to a wide spectrum of customers including commercial, governmental, and regulatory agencies.

Services include, but are not limited to:  mutagenicity (Ames); cytotoxicity (neutral red uptake) and clastogenicity/aneugenicity (micronucleus) in particulate; vapor and whole smoke phases.  Other assays include: bacteria, yeast and mold enumeration; irritation tests; sister chromatid exchange (SCE); assays using animal or human primary or immortalized cell lines; 3-D human and animal tissue models;  as well as stability testing. Mutagenicity findings are evaluated and interpreted using a proprietary VISITOX interface to the SALM statistical software program developed at the University of North Carolina. This interface is available to independent researchers for the evaluation of their own data through Enthalpy’s secure client login interface.

Enthalpy’s In Vitro Toxicology services fulfill the requirements of:
• Health Canada
• ANVISA (Brazil)
• FDA (USA) HPHC Testing
• FDA (USA) Substantial Equivalence (SE) Testing