As air testing continues to grow and evolve throughout the environmental industrySoil Gas Outdoor it is critical that you partner with an experienced air testing lab. Enthalpy Analytical understands the sampling and analytical challenges that can be encountered and are here to help. Partnering with a dependable air lab is now more important than ever.

Enthalpy provides support to many types of air projects including soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems, methane monitoring, sub-slab investigations and indoor air investigation. Quality and well maintained equipment that is ruggedness tested prior to use in the filed ensures you will not get to the sampling site to find out that the labs equipment is going to stop you from getting the job done.

Common soil-gas and indoor air analyses that Enthalpy holds CA ELAP accreditation for include:

EPA Test Methods:
• TO-3, TO-14A, TO-15, 3C, 8015, 8260

Other Methods:
• ASTM D1946