Experience is what matters when dealing with the varied and challenging gas-matrices of stationary sources.  With over 25 years of experience source testing and on-site analytical capabilities Enthalpy is able to provide robust analytical solutions for the most challenging projects.  Enthalpy provides analytical and consulting support for over 1,600 stack tests each year.

Enthalpy routinely assists the state and federal regulatory bodies in the refinement of existing test methods and development of new test methods, such as: EPA Other Test Method 29 (OTM-29) Sampling and Analysis for Hydrogen Cyanide Emissions from Stationary Sources and EPA Alternative Test Method 100 (ALT-100) Canister Sampling with Method 18 for Flares. 

Unique and challenging test programs are jointly addressed with the laboratory, stack tester and end-user in order to develop source and analyte specific sampling and analytical procedures which will hold up to regulatory scrutiny.   Enthalpy holds primary NELAP accreditation for air test methods in Louisiana with secondary accreditations in New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Virginia.  Enthalpy is also a registered laboratory in Pennsylvania.