Introducing Enthalpy Analytical Ultratrace – the premier laboratory for High-Resolution GC / High-Resolution MS (HRGC/HRMS) analysis of Dioxin/Furans (D/F). In order to better serve stationary source, ambient air and remediation clients, Enthalpy has added isotope dilution services for reliably accurate, high quality, legally defensible D/F measurements to our existing national laboratory network.

Our team of experts has over 40 years of combined experience in the analysis of organic molecules, including dioxins and furans.  Together they have handled many complex, challenging analyses.  The team’s expertise includes helping customers understand the degree of measurement uncertainty associated with their data and profiling of sample data.

The team’s knowledge can be put to use helping you design your measurement program and ensuring that you can get the maximum utility from the results.


  • Bryan Vining, PhD. Over 25 years of laboratory, research, and HRGC/HRMS experience
  • Robin Appelle Over 6 years of extraction/prep and HRGC/HRMS experience
  • Cindy Tondeur James Over 15 years of HRGC/HRMS, project management, business development, and QA experience


It takes deep knowledge of both sample collection and analysis to execute a successful Dioxin/Furans (D/F) test program. Introducing Enthalpy Ultratrace, whose flagship service is providing best-in-class consulting and analytical support for EPA Method 23, CARB 429, SW-846 8290

Our team of experts will address your environmental questions and resolve unique regulatory challenges with credible, science-based solutions and have over 45 years of combined experience in analyzing D/F samples. Integrate Enthalpy’s industry presence and analytical knowhow and put our team to work to help you lighten regulatory testing burdens and unique project challenges. When you leverage Enthalpy Ultratrace’s capabilities, you add the benefit of efficient, accurate D/F measurements and have an experienced Ultratrace Scientist committed to your project from start to finish.


  • Dioxin/Furans by EPA Method 23, CARB 429 and EPA SW-846 Method 0023A
  • Industry leading experience solving unique regulatory challenges for point source emissions
  • Science-based solutions for unusual and complex projects using isotope dilution


  • Dioxin/Furans by EPA Method TO-9A
  • Our High-Resolution GC/MS instrumentats are optimized for low detection limits
  • Isotope-dilution analyses to determine amounts of persistent organic pollutants in ambient samples


  • EPA SW-846 Method 8290 and EPA Method 1613
  • Flexible and adaptive capabilities for analyzing D/F samples from complex and varied matrices
  • All matrices are evaluated with a highly proactive approach to avoid potential hurdles

Method Lists


The analysis of polyaromatic hydrocarbons is a complex field, given the very large number of compounds that fall into this classification.  Our method focuses on the EPA priority list of PAHs, with the list soon to be expanded to cover all those in the EU’s priority list.

Consulting Services

Our team of expert scientists has extensive experience with complex and unusual analyses.  They’ve also seen thousands of data sets and know what to expect from different sources of dioxins and furans.  They can help you beyond simply analyzing samples in a number of ways.


Performance-based criteria approach allows us to focus on meeting analytical sensitivity requirements

  • Comprehensive project planning, ability to plan QAPPs, and satisfy customer project specifications
  • Each project has a dedicated Project Manager as a point of contact
  • Our well defined commitment to data quality is based on the accumulation and application of scientific know-how
  • Consulting services for unusual, complex, or intricate projects


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