Our team can help you obtain and understand your data, purpose planned from the beginning.

On the sampling side, if you specify your needed analysis, the upper limit on the results you can tolerate, and the maximum uncertainty you’re willing to tolerate, we can tell you the sample size you need to ensure that you are getting the data quality you need.

We can also assist you in understanding what your data mean, both in terms of data quality and, in some cases, the possible origin of any analytes found.  We have experience in differentiating data originating from combustion sources, ball clay, pentachlorophenol, and numerous other sources.

Many industrial processes create the analytes we measure, and we can help you understand how the analytes came to be in your process.  We have assisted clients with processes in areas as diverse as chemical synthesis and food and feed preparation.  We’ve even handled the analysis of ash originating with biomatter subsequently used for industrial processes.