Landfill Gas

Landfill Gas

Landfill gas is an incredibly difficult gas matrix to analyze, as it can be highly corrosive, presenting various interferences during analysis. The Enthalpy Analytical team is one of a few laboratories with the capabilities to tackle this matrix.

We understand the importance of reproducible and defensible data, and we care tremendously about our service. Our talented project management team and skilled technical experts coordinate closely with each other and the client to create a highly-specific analytical approach for any project.

As technology, methodologies, and regulations continue to evolve, our dedicated technical and quality control teams work diligently to ensure that the laboratory is on the cutting edge of analytical capabilities. This, combined with our dedication to tackle even the toughest challenges, makes the Enthalpy Analytical team one of the most trusted, reliable, and responsible laboratories available. What truly sets us apart, however, is our commitment to each client and the value we place on these relationships.

Our laboratories offer comprehensive landfill gas analysis with options to meet any need you have. The following are methods currently utilized at this location:

  • Non-Methane Organic Compounds: EPA 25C
  • Fixed Gases (H2, N2, O2, CH4, CO, CO2): EPA 25C / ASTM D1946
  • VOC’s EPA TO-15
  • Hydrocarbons: EPA 18
  • Sulfurs: EPA TO-15, Modified
  • Siloxanes: EPA TO-15, Modified
  • BTU ASTM D3588


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