Subject Matter Expert:

Sarah Mack., Business Development Director


In this enlightening video, we shed light on a crucial aspect of indoor air quality – unregulated VOCs. Did you know that many VOCs found in traditional building materials are not regulated by the EPA? 😱

Join us as we dive deep into this little-known truth and explore the risks associated with these unregulated chemicals like acetone, ammonia, and formaldehyde. 🏭 Discover how our advanced testing system can discern these hidden VOCs, providing you with a comprehensive analysis of your indoor air quality.

Sarah Mack

Business Development Director

Sarah began her career with Enthalpy (then Prism Analytical Technologies) in the fall of 2006 and has held the positions of Office Manager, Accountant/Bookkeeper, and Customer Service Manager, and is now the Business Development Director. Throughout the years, Sarah has helped countless Indoor Air Quality professionals and consumers through their analytical reports and sampling plan.