Microbiological Testing Services


With the increasing regulatory driven need to monitor for coliforms, legionella, and other bacteria, Enthalpy recognizes the attentiveness required with microbiological testing services. From short hold times to the around the clock monitoring necessary, our highly-trained team is ready to provide accurate results using the most current methods in adherence to your project or permit-specific guidelines.

Enthalpy’s team of dedicated scientists and microbiologists analyze thousands of potable and non-potable water samples annually through our coliforms testing laboratory and legionella testing laboratory; we have one of the largest microbiology capacities in California. We have supported projects from major wastewater treatment plants, drinking water systems, hospitals, universities, industrial facilities as well as international efforts. Multiple state accreditations, along with CDC approval for Legionella testing through Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation (ELITE) Program, means we are the superior choice to support your microbiology needs.

  • SM 9215/IDEXX SIMPLATE – Standard Plate Count/HPC
  • SM 9221 – Total and Fecal Coliform (MPN)
  • SM 9221 – E. Coli (MPN)
  • SM 9223 – Coliform (Presence/Absence)
  • SM 9223 – E. Coli (Presence/Absence)
  • SM 9230 – Enterococcus/Fecal Streptococcus
  • SM 9240D-B – Iron Bacteria
  • SM 9240D-H – Sulfur Bacteria
  • CDC Legion/IDEXX – Legionella

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