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Soil, Water & Sediment

Soil, Water & Sediment


Enthalpy has a rich history in analytical chemistry that spans decades. Our labs analyze thousands of soil and water samples every month; we have the experience needed to address your unique projects. Our full-service approach sets us apart and includes on-site sample collection, regional courier service, and superior customer service. Our scientists and project managers work with all stakeholders to ensure data quality objectives are met for each project, and that project specific questions are addressed in advance of sample analysis.

Enthalpy has a complete offering of methods for virtually all environmental projects. Our priority focus is to provide quality analytical and customer services to all clients regardless of project size. All methods performed by our scientists follow strict conformance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) method guidelines as well as additional internal QA/QC criteria. From remediation sites, to groundwater investigations, to hazardous waste determination, we are your partner for success.

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