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Environmental pollution. Global warming. Climate change. Energy producing optimization. Factory chimneys emit harmful substances into air
industrial smoke from chimney on blue sky
Green nature facade on modern futuristic building in Singapore city
Acros Fukuoka
Ecologic building shopping mall in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Drying rack with clean dishes over sink in kitchen
Long exposure of a stunning sunset at the beach by the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California
Landfill in south San Francisco bay area, San Jose, California
Column tower in petrochemical plant at twilight
Hands in gloves of female scientist in laboratory shake glass flasks with dissolved samples of the soil. Agrochemical examination of soil.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA townscape.
Gas power station in cold winter landscape. Pipes with smoke. Energy industry concept.
Discharge of sewage into a river
Discharge of sewage into a river
Container , container ship in export and import business and logistics. Shipping cargo to harbor by crane. Water transport International. Aerial view and top view.
Panorama of empty winding country road in Norway, Europe, Scandinavia. Auto travel on sunset. Blue sky with clouds and mountains. Lofoten islands.
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