Business Development Manager, and 37-year environmental analytics veteran, Jim Jacklin recently attended the 2023 CAPCA Spring Meeting in Asheville, NC.

Jim hosted a booth on behalf of Enthalpy Analytical and enjoyed discussing a wide variety of analytical projects with attendees. These topics spanned air quality, PFAS testing, to stack testing – several of which focused on Method 29.

Here are the top three questions that stood out to him:

Question: Can you do Gold from a Method 29 train?

With our focus on “the science of certainty”, providing an accurate answer the first time is important at Enthalpy Analytical. Our teams don’t hesitate to reach out to the best and most reliable resources when we need an answer: Jim took the time to reach out to the group leader in the laboratory, to make sure he had the exact answer.

“Yes.” Enthalpy Analytical can do Gold from a Method 29 train!

For air and stack testing needs, explore our services page.

Question: Can Enthalpy do EPA 1633? Also, can you send someone out to acquire samples and teach us what to, and not to, do?

Yes, and yes! Enthalpy Analytical understands that projects need timely testing and results. Without hesitation, Jim put the inquirer (who needed to test split and independent samples of water from their plant site) directly in touch with Michelle Hill. Michelle supports the Wilmington Laboratory, and she was able to provide a quote and coordinate follow-up!

Check out our recent news: Enthalpy Analytical Wilmington Receives Method 1633 Accreditation.

Question: Can you do Si02 from a Method 29 train?

A national source evaluation firm located in Oklahoma stopped by the booth and inquired about the air testing capacity at Enthalpy Analytical. Jim reached out to the lab, and within the hour, the lab had contacted the contact with a quote and the relevant information he needed to address this with his customer!

Do you have questions about your projects that you’d like to ask?

Don’t hesitate to contact our experts and explore the best solution to your environmental testing needs today!

Jim Jacklin

Senior Business Development Manager

Jim Jacklin is a Business Development Manager for Enthalpy’s Source Evaluation & Ambient Air analytical facility located in Durham, NC. He has over 37 years of experience in the environmental analytical marketplace working with source evaluation firms and industry personnel with engineering and permitted source points. Jim has been with Enthalpy since early 2021 and is well-versed and understands the analytical side of the air quality analytical marketplace. Outside of work, Jim is a member of the Source Evaluation Society. Jim has a B.S. from Pennsylvania State University from the College of Agricultural Engineering and an M.B.A. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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