Experience matters.

When it comes to dealing with the varied and challenging matrices of air analysis, you want to work with people who’ve been here before. Enthalpy has decades of specialized expertise in stationary source emissions, fugitive emissions, ambient air, vapor intrusion, and gas testing. Our use of mobile onsite labs; deployment of advanced technology for low-level detection; and deep understanding of EPA, NCASI, state, and ASTM methods means we provide high-quality data solutions quickly that reduce worry and deliver results.

Our exemplary team of scientists actively engage with state and federal regulatory bodies, and understand first-hand the demands of specific industries and the complex compliance landscape.

Stationary Source Emissions
Fugitive Emissions
Ambient Air Monitoring
Vapor-Intrusion & Soil-Gass
Landfill Gas
Indoor Air

Recent Blog Posts

Simplify and Streamline Fenceline Reporting

Companion EPA Methods 325A (sampler deployment and collection) and 325B (sampler preparation and laboratory analysis) are the work practice standards for determining airborne Benzene and select Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) using passive (diffusive) sampling tubes collected at facility property boundaries (fenceline monitoring) as well as from fugitive and area emission sources.

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