In the fast-moving world of laboratory operations, the strategic placement of service center locations offers many advantages that bolster operational agility, client accessibility, and overall effectiveness. These distributed hubs serve as pivotal nodes in our Enthalpy laboratory network, facilitating seamless operations while extending the reach of our services to diverse geographical regions.

Logistics Made Easy

Our multiple service center locations enhance customer accessibility and convenience. By strategically positioning service centers in various locations throughout California, Enthalpy can cater to the needs of new and existing customers, reducing travel time and logistical hurdles for sample submission. This localized approach helps us to build strong connections with our customers and enhances their experience by offering convenient access to laboratory services closer to their office, job site, or residence.

Each service center is stocked with bottleware for all of our routine test methods. While advanced notice is always appreciated for bottleware orders, we understand our clients experience unexpected and urgent situations where sampling supplies are needed in a hurry. Having supplies at the ready in each of our service centers is just one way Enthalpy has proven time and time again that we are a trusted and valuable partner.

Dedicated Local Team Members

A single dedicated service center manager sits in each service center location. Working in tandem with our project management team, these team members ensure client expectations are not only met, but often exceeded.

The frequent interactions with our service center personnel often builds strong relationships with our clients, which can prove to be invaluable in our everchanging industry. Oftentimes, we are able to provide custom support for our clients through our service center manager’s close working knowledge of the nature of their projects.

For added value, each service center also houses local couriers, who are ready to deliver bottleware and/or pickup samples from any reasonable location.

Where Is Your Closest Enthalpy Analytical Service Center?

Greater Los Angeles Area

7411 Laurel Canyon, Suite 8
North Hollywood, CA 91605

San Diego Area

4340 Vandever Avenue
San Diego, CA 92120

Bay Area

2323 5th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

Sacramento Area

4620 Northgate, Suite 170
Sacramento, CA 95834

If you are based in an area that feels underserved by the environmental laboratory industry and would benefit from a service center near you, please let us know.

Stay Tuned!

Here at Enthalpy, we are always looking at ways to enhance our client experience. We are constantly evaluating emerging markets where demand for logistical coverage is high and look forward to sharing new updates with you as we continue to grow and provide the same exceptional customer service you have come to expect from Enthalpy Analytical.

Dan Chavez

Regional Sales Manager, Enthalpy Analytical
Daniel Chavez is the Regional Sales Manager at the Enthalpy Analytical Orange Laboratory. He has 18+ years of experience within the environmental services industry, specializing in chemistry, project and operation management, laboratory processes, and in his current role, business development. Dan was awarded the Montrose “MEGSYS” award for being the top client influencer in 2018. His understanding of customer needs and ability to provide timely solutions bridges the gap between environmental awareness and client relations.

Outside of work, Daniel serves as the marketing committee chair in the Industrial Environmental Coalition of Orange County. He obtained a B.S. in Biochemistry at the University of California, Riverside.