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Product Evaluation


Whether you are developing, producing, reformulating, registering, or disposing of a product, our team of experts will customize a testing program for you.

There are thousands of chemicals and commercial products available for use, many have limited data available for environmental hazards and more are developed every day. Our team has experience evaluating products for the development of safety data sheets, registration with various regulatory and trade organizations, and alternative analyses. We have performed a number of studies assessing whether treatment systems or additives have the potential to impact toxicity to aquatic life. There are also new and more widely applicable transport regulations now affecting industries for the first time- we can help you navigate these paths.

  • Globally Harmonized System (GHS) classification testing
  • Hazardous waste evaluations
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) development and hazard classification
  • Product formulation studies
  • Testing for product registration
  • Proficiency testing for treatment technologies
  • Comparative testing for market positioning
  • Green product certifications
  • Agricultural Product Testing
  • Bio-accumulation studies
  • Oil Spill Clean-up Agent Registration

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