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Dredge Material Testing


High-capacity laboratory equipped with flow-through systems partnering with federal, state, local, and commercial entities to handle any size project. Wide range of biological and chemical testing including elutriates and bioaccumulation for both marine and inland dredged material testing.

Our toxicology lab has extensive experience developing and conducting assessments of freshwater, estuarine, and marine sediments and dredged materials. Our laboratory has specifically designed flow-through testing systems to support both freshwater and marine bio-accumulation testing. We have supported a diverse array of projects across the United States, Canada, and throughout the Pacific Rim. Such projects have ranged in scope from small-scale one-time local assessments to projects involving intensive evaluations of 200+ sediment composites, to long-term 15+ year monitoring programs.

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  • Tier III solid-phase and elutriate toxicity and bio-accumulation testing in support of USEPA/USACOE dredged material evaluation for ocean disposal (Ocean Testing Manual) or discharge in waters of the US (Inland Testing Manual)
  • Porewater analysis
  • Sediment-water Interface testing
  • Plume and sediment-flux studies
  • Confined disposal facility effluent evaluations
  • Toxicity and bio-accumulation testing
  • Experience mitigating confounding factors during testing
  • Assistance with biological sections of sampling and analysis plans
  • Soil permit to facilitate overseas sample transport
  • In situ testing

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