Congratulations! You’ve purchased/rented VOC testing equipment from Enthalpy Analytical, taking the next step in ensuring your client’s indoor air is clean to breathe. Sampling with Enthalpy’s sampling pumps and thermal desorption tubes is a simple way to determine if VOCs are an issue in your client’s home/work environment.

When testing in a residential environment, it is best to close all exterior doors/windows for 24 hours prior to testing, leaving open all interior doors (e.g., bedrooms, closets) allowing air to flow freely within the home. Refrain from frying or cooking with oils the day before and during testing, also refrain from cleaning within 12 hours of beginning the test. When testing in a commercial setting, keep the area closed and operating in a normal manner to the extent possible, and do not clean during or within 12 hours of beginning the test. Providing your clients with these instructions beforehand better ensures accurate results.

Now that your site is adequately prepared, ensure the air sample pump turns on using the switch located to the right of the front panel. The green light will indicate if your pump is running, along with a slight humming noise. If you do not see the green light/hear a slight hum, contact us for further instruction. Now that you’ve checked that the pump is operational, turn the pump off.

Next, locate your desired sample media. VOC sample tubes will have a pink label, with 3 black sections of sorbent. Formaldehyde sample tubes have a blue label, and one long tan section of sorbent. Be sure to use the correct sample tube for the corresponding analysis as they are not interchangeable. Each sample tube is encapsulated in glass which will need to be snapped open by pressing the” press here x” label near the top of each capsule. Once the capsule is broken, pull the sample tube from the remaining glass. Look at the sample tube carefully. At one end there will be a tube identification number (e.g., TT346, AA127) and an arrow indicating air flow.

Insert the sample tube roughly ¼’ into the rubber tubing on top of the pump so the arrow points down towards the pump and turn on. Leave the sample pump on for the designated time specified below:

  • VOC/Mold: 2 hours optimal; 4 hours maximum
  • Formaldehyde: 20 minutes optimal; 30 minutes maximum

Once the sample has ran for the allotted amount of time, carefully remove the sample tube from the pump, placing the provided red end caps on each end of each sample tube. Place the sample tube with red end caps into the 2-piece plastic return vial to ensure the sample tube is protected during transport.

Before shipping your sample(s), ensure that the below information is recorded on the chain of custody:

  • Tube ID
  • Pump start time
  • Pump Stop time
  • Total volume if start/stop times are not provided
  • Date sampled
  • Desired analysis
  • Your company name/email address

Last, pack all items into an appropriate shipping box. Do not refrigerate or pack with ice.

Still have questions on how to sample or want to order testing equipment? Contact our experts at or fill out our contact us form.

Learn more about our indoor air testing here!

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Lucinda (Cindy) Kyser

Project Manager

Cindy is the project manager for our Mount Pleasant MI based laboratory with 6 years of experience navigating the world of VOCs to assist clients with their indoor air quality needs.


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