Subject Matter Expert:

Sarah Mack., Business Development Director


Embark on a captivating video journey through time as we explore the remarkable history of Home Air Check! This engaging narrative takes us back to its origins in 1992, when it began as a laboratory solution for soil and water testing. Discover its pivotal role in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and observe how this ingenious system gradually took shape. Experience the evolution firsthand, from its humble beginnings to the game-changing moment in 2012 when we revolutionized the process, offering DIY air quality assessments to both homeowners and inspectors. Uncover the empowering story of how Home Air Check evolved into the innovative and accessible tool it is today.

Sarah Mack

Business Development Director

Sarah began her career with Enthalpy (then Prism Analytical Technologies) in the fall of 2006 and has held the positions of Office Manager, Accountant/Bookkeeper, and Customer Service Manager, and is now the Business Development Director. Throughout the years, Sarah has helped countless Indoor Air Quality professionals and consumers through their analytical reports and sampling plan.