Enthalpy Analytical is thrilled to announce our latest innovation in vapor intrusion testing: the newly patented and trademarked Vapor Deck™. This advanced apparatus offers unparalleled capabilities in sample collection and monitoring for vapor intrusion across soil vapor, sub-surface air, and indoor/ambient air. With Vapor Deck™, you can achieve sampling integrity and compliance with TO-14A and TO-15 standards, ensuring comprehensive and reliable results for public safety during site development clearances.

Superior Performance and Efficiency

Vapor Deck™ is engineered to revolutionize vapor intrusion investigations with several key enhancements:

  • 30% Faster Sampling: Single depth sampling time is significantly reduced, improving efficiency and turnaround.
  • 50% Faster Triple-Depth Sampling: For complex investigations requiring multiple depths, our system cuts sampling times by half.
  • 75% Less Helium Usage: Through innovative design features, Vapor Deck™ drastically reduces helium consumption, making it more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Simultaneous Purge and Sampling: Capable of handling multiple depths at once, our system is three times faster in setup and breakdown compared to traditional methods.

Innovations Behind Vapor Deck™

Vapor Deck™ achieves these impressive results through a series of modifications and upgrades:

Disposable Manifold: The disposable 3-way valve design allows the shroud to be re-used, addressing the inefficiency of single-use hard bodies which are wasteful of helium and require one unit per well.

Collapsible Shroud: Optimizing helium use, the collapsible shroud design significantly reduces the amount needed compared to hard bodies. This innovation maintains an efficient helium retention of 20-40%.

Chimney-Tray Design: Our unique chimney-tray design provides wind protection and enhances portability. The innovative tray creates a reliable seal with the shroud cover, an approach not seen in other products.

Flow Through Helium Detector: This feature detects leaks at the point source in the field before exposing the can, ensuring sample integrity and accuracy.

Compact Workstation: Vapor Deck™ is designed as a portable workstation, minimizing the space needed for auxiliary parts. This compact unit simplifies logistics and improves field efficiency.

Turn-Key Solution: We streamline your process by reducing the number of vendors from three to one. Vapor Deck™ includes an integrated helium detector, helium supply, and cans & controllers, providing real value and reducing complexity.

Splitter Flexibility: Our system offers a flexible splitter that doubles back over the cans instead of a protruding “T”. This makes the setup more compact and ready for duplicate samples when needed.

Triplicate Setup: For sites requiring triple-depth sampling, our system saves helium and time by allowing simultaneous purging and sampling from a single shroud setup. This is achieved through a chimney with a hole for purge lines to exit and helium lines to enter, creating an efficient and well-sealed system.

Retention Systems: Vapor Deck™ includes up to four methods for sealing, using weights or snap rings and multiple frame shapes, ensuring optimal helium retention and system integrity.

Vapor Deck Application Diagram
Vapor Deck Application Diagram Part 2

Experience the Vapor Deck™ Advantage

We invite all interested parties to explore the transformative capabilities of Vapor Deck™. For a demonstration of this innovative solution and to learn how it can enhance your vapor intrusion investigations, please reach out to us. Enthalpy Analytical is committed to delivering best-in-class solutions for public safety and environmental protection.

Will Rice headshot

Will Schoonover Rice

Business Development, Enthalpy Analytical
Will Rice has worked as an environmental professional for over 15 years. In his current Business Development role with Enthalpy Analytical, he applies a technical emphasis on vapor intrusion. In his work supporting site investigations, he maintains open communication and collaboration with regulators as well as private and public entities to ensure policies are applied as intended. Will also shares his expertise with several collaborative work groups, including the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) Vapor Intrusion Committee team and the Education Committee of the Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals (AVIP), allowing him to participate in public input on best practices and policy. He is part of a design and fabrication team for a patent-pending vapor sampling technology with a unique leak check system. He regularly presents his on work across the country and hopes to aid in nationwide standardization and optimization.