EPA Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) High Volume Field Sampling Case Study


In August 2019, a governmental agency required drinking water sampling to be conducted at a industrial/commercial facility in Los Angeles, CA. The Enthalpy Analytical team in Orange, CA was brought in to help coordinate and execute on this effort, which required 28 sampling points on three levels throughout the building.


Drinking water sampling is extremely complex and requires that field members have proper training in order to comply with the various rules of each type of test. The samples of this specific test needed to be collected on the first draw followed by a second draw sampled after a 30-second flush. Our team had to navigate the schedules of the client and the facility in order to complete the sampling before the facility was open to the public. After the samples were collected, our teams had to analyze the data and send results to the client on a one-day rush turnaround time.


With this tight turnaround it was critical that we already had a team in place that was fully trained in this area of sampling and could be immediately deployed in order to complete the project. After coordinating schedules between three parties, our team arrived before 5:00AM at the facility in order to accomplish the sampling task prior to the facility’s opening for business that day. We were able to meet the criteria for project success thanks to proper planning and notification of the field teams and rush work by our lab teams. Our teams collected all 28 samples of drinking water in compliance with EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule (LCR), and turned around the data in the time the client needed.