Welcome to the Jungle… we’ve got ISM


Enthalpy’s client, in conjunction with the US EPA, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and the US Army Corps of Engineers, was tasked with removing WWII-era military above-ground fuel storage tanks and the associated contamination from a village in Saipan. It was important to complete the work in a short time period to minimize the impact on the community, but still ensuring that no hazards remained in this remote location.


An Incremental Sampling Methodology (ISM) approach was chosen for much of this work to provide a comprehensive view of the contamination. The Enthalpy staff has a deep understanding of these procedures and was well-equipped to handle the large number of samples collected in a short period of time. Getting this project complete within holding times was a challenge because of the time the samples spent in transit, combined with the necessary time to air-dry the samples before processing.


Enthalpy lab teams quickly came together to identify and plan for the challenges ahead. ISM processing is labor-intensive and requires significant physical lab space. We sourced additional drying trays, racks, sieves and flat-bottomed scoops. ISM training was provided to supplemental staff from various departments. The project management team kept in close communication with the field teams and QC chemists, assuring that the Enthalpy staff was able to begin work immediately as the samples arrived. The project was successfully completed on time and with 100% holding time compliance.