Published On: March 24th, 2020

In our continuing effort to support the source and stack testing community, Enthalpy Analytical is proud to announce our Orange, CA air testing laboratory received certification from South Coast Air Quality Management District for SCAQMD method 25.3 “Determination of Low Concentration Non-Methane Non-Ethane Organic Compound Emissions from Clean Fueled Combustion Sources”.

Enthalpy’s expansion of air testing services on the West Coast now includes a variety of new analytical methods, as well as a sizeable investment in sampling equipment and instrumentation to support the needs of our clients. As part of this expansion, Enthalpy recently completed a state-of-the-art lab build-out at our Orange, CA laboratory to accommodate new air testing services. Precedence was placed on expanding our capabilities, equipment and services pertaining to source emissions, soil gas, vapor intrusion and ambient air monitoring programs. Additionally, new instruments have been added specifically dedicated to low level VOC analyses and expanded custom analyte lists such as TO-15. Such investments are required to meet the increasing demand for lower RL’s/ESL’s currently required by agencies such as the DTSC and BAAQMD. These advanced techniques were specifically developed for large scale monitoring programs such as California’s AB 617 Community Air Protection Program.

Enthalpy has also added several EPA and ASTM source methods specifically targeting speciated sulfurs and hydrocarbons as well as permanent gases. These methods are most applicable to ADG/NG testing and LFG related projects and Tier II investigations. They include ASTM 1945, 1946, 5504 and EPA 25C/3C.

With the addition of this new accreditation complementing our expanded air testing services, Enthalpy looks forward to providing our clients with high quality data, a consultative approach to air testing, and rapid turnaround times.