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Prism Analytical Technologies Inc.

An Enthalpy Analytical LLC laboratory, and subsidiary of Montrose Environmental Group since 2017

As indoor air and consulting experts, we continue to lean on our legacy of nearly 3 decades of experience to help our clients with indoor air testing services for a variety of air quality concerns and in many different settings. Our advanced lab and proprietary testing technology have benefited Fortune 500 companies and IAQ professionals across the country and internationally.

Enthalpy offers comprehensive testing solutions that will give you a total assessment of the air you breathe every day. Whether you need to test the air in your own home, want to ensure your team has healthy air to breathe in the office, or need to test for specific air contaminants like mold, formaldehyde, or carcinogens, Enthalpy can help determine which analysis is best for your air quality concerns.

As part of the Enthalpy laboratory network, we continue to seek solutions to your environmental and indoor air challenges that deliver long term value. We invite you to explore Enthalpy’s website to view all the new services we can offer you for your various laboratory needs. challenges. Please feel free to explore Enthalpy’s website if you’re searching for stack testing, environmental sustainability, natural/biogas operations, and emergency response support.

Technical leaders and experts dedicated to our people, customers, and science. Get to know the Enthalpy Leadership Team.

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