Enthalpy Analytical analyzes pollutants and other constituents in air, soil, water and tobacco products. Our national laboratory network is equipped to handle a wide variety of samples from part per trillion to percent level.  Enthalpy’s laboratory services focus on four disciplines:

1. Stationary Source Emissions, Fugitive Emissions
2. Ambient Air Monitoring
3. Vapor Intrusion, Soil & Water
4. Tobacco – Smoke – e-Vapor

We focus on only these four disciplines.  This focused approach makes us more capable of providing the best support for your project.

Enthalpy’s scientists and project manager’s work with all stakeholders to ensure data quality objectives are met for each project, and that project specific questions are addressed in advance of sample collection.  Each laboratory has a team of project managers who will assist clients throughout the process – from sample receipt to data reporting.  Our project specific approach means your results will benefit from insight and acumen not available from ‘full service’ labs.

Our key people have extensive experience outside the lab.  This direct industry experience allows us to see each project from your point of view.  We understand how important accurate, reliable analytical results are to the goals you are trying to achieve and to the performance you are trying to demonstrate.

1. Stationary Source Emissions

  • Experience is what maters when dealing with the varied and challenging gas-matrices of stationary sources. With over 25 years of experience working with source testers and on-site analytical capabilities, Enthalpy is able to provide high quality data for the most challenging projects.  An unparalleled knowledge of EPA, NCASI, and state methods allows Enthalpy to provide best in class service and custom solutions.

2. Fugitive Emissions – Ambient Air Monitoring – Vapor Intrusion

  • Air measurements continue to require lower and lower trace measurements, to the part per trillion (ppt), and Enthalpy has dedicated low-level laboratories capable of these measurements. The historical whole-air sample collection in Summa canisters as well as emerging technologies such as passive diffusion have exacting standards; our dedicated low-level laboratories allow accurate and reproducible measurements.

3. Soil & Water

  • Enthalpy has been providing reliable routine and specialty testing of wastewater, groundwater, drinking water, storm-water, soil, and hazardous waste for over 90 years.  Success with these varied and complex matrices has been built on a commitment to provide one-on-one service and attention to our clients and their projects. All of our clients receive the attention of an assigned project manager dedicated to providing legally defensible data delivered on-time.

4. Tobacco – Smoke – e-Vapor

  • The Tobacco, Smoke, e-Vapor (TSV) division offers a wide range of test methods for the collection and analysis of harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs) deemed by the FDA. This includes methods that cover a range of compounds from nicotine, the list of “Hoffmann analyses”, and the full list of 93 HPHCs from both traditional combustion and e-Vapor products.

5. Ultratrace

  • The premier laboratory for High-Resolution GC / High-Resolution MS (HRGC/HRMS) analysis of Dioxin/Furans (D/F). In order to better serve stationary source, ambient air and remediation clients, Enthalpy has added isotope dilution services for reliably accurate, high quality, legally defensible D/F measurements to our existing national laboratory network.
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