Confidential Military Base Clean-up


While working on a redevelopment project with a high-profile developer, our client encountered many instances when they needed samples analyzed under almost impossible turnaround times. Redevelopment work projects often need analytical reporting of samples completed quickly to maintain project timelines.


Enthalpy needed to be flexible to accommodate rush turnaround times. Any delay in getting the samples analyzed can result in thousands of dollars lost as heavy machines sit idle and projects do not move forward according to plan. We needed to ensure that we could deliver sampling media at a moment’s notice. Similarly, we needed to pick up samples from the client with only a few hours’ notice which required reworking courier routes to accommodate last-minute pickups and deliveries. On top of these challenges, the client needed additional testing which required our teams to accommodate for and provide equipment that was compatible with the setups previously used on this site. We had to adapt our canister hardware to the style the client was accustomed to as well as properly train our client on different types of sampling methods that they were not familiar with.


Given the circumstances of this project, we identified that communication was going to be the crucial component to project success. We needed to stay in very close communication with our client, as well as across our own teams, to ensure all courier routes were adjusted accordingly, and prep the labs as much as possible before samples came in for analysis. To accomplish this, we assigned a dedicated team that would stay after hours, including working weekends when necessary, to get the results back to the client when they needed them. These team members worked to not only get the client’s results but get the results sooner than could have been anticipated given the circumstances.