Enthalpy’s Advanced Method for PFAS Analysis


Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are known for their persistence, resisting degradation from grease, oil, water, and heat over extended periods. This slow breakdown contributes to their widespread presence. Given their frequent use and ability to endure in the environment, PFAS are detectable in the bloodstreams of humans and animals worldwide and are found in trace amounts within various foods and environmental settings.

In an industrial context, a company in North Carolina faced the need for a new custom method to address PFAS analysis. This arose due to the renewal of their effluent permit with more stringent limits, leading the company to seek external solutions as their internal laboratory was un-equipped to meet these new requirements.


Furthermore, facing uncertainty about the effectiveness of their treatment systems in achieving the required level of cleanliness, the client expressed a desire for the possibility of obtaining next-day data as a precautionary measure.

Unfortunately, no services were accessible at that point to fulfill this specific requirement. The stakes were notably high for the client; failure to showcase compliance with the permit could have resulted in their inability to continue operations, entailing substantial financial implications.


Enthalpy successfully devised a methodology in less than a month, enabling us to furnish data within the following day when circumstances warranted. Our consistent practice involved delivering data in three days or fewer, and we retained the capacity to offer next-day delivery at the client’s request. As a result, the client achieved the crucial outcome of showcasing adherence to the updated permit regulations.

Beyond this, the positive ramifications extend to air, water, and soil quality. With our method in place, groundwater and surface water quality can be guaranteed even at more stringent PFAS compound levels, safeguarding the welfare of the communities situated both nearby and downstream.

Throughout our extensive experience in conducting PFAS testing, we have acquired the expertise to effectively manage, extract, and purify samples characterized by substantial concentration variations and levels of interference. Keeping up-to-date with regulations nationwide is a top commitment of our PFAS specialists, ensuring that our clients remain aligned with federal and state directives. If you have inquiries regarding testing thresholds or prerequisites in your particular state, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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