Landfill Gas Evaluation – High Volume Analytical Throughput and Rapid Mobilization


Landfill gas is one of the most challenging gas matrices to analyze. It often contains high concentrations of compounds that can interfere with analysis or degrade equipment and can be more difficult to collect than other gas matrices. Gas sample leaks can seriously impact the data collected, and it is common for inexperienced samplers to induce leaks through improper collection techniques or through use of faulty equipment.


Enthalpy was approached by the client to provide 40-50 silanized sampling canisters for a single landfill gas collection event. The client had identified the collection equipment as a potential issue as their sample train was not designed for the specific canister type provided. The sampling canister volume needed for this project was much higher than normal. In addition, sampling canisters had to be provided within 3-5 days of the inquiry, and results for analysis of fixed gases were required within 5 business days of sample collection. To succeed in this inquiry, Enthalpy needed to meet the quantification limit requirements and report the data in a way that was easy for the client and first-party user to interpret.


Various teams within the Enthalpy laboratory collaborated to identify project challenges, explore potential solutions, and establish the final plan of action as quickly as possible. Our teams worked closely with the project lead to design customized equipment that was compatible with our canisters, the client’s field meters, and the gas connection ports at the collection points. This customized sample train helped streamline field service while drastically minimizing the likelihood of sampling error. The analytical team screened samples upon receipt to enable a short analytics turnaround time. Because the client required the results to be reported using non-standard metrics and formats, our air team implemented sample introduction techniques that provided lower quantitation limits for CO, and our IT staff worked to generate a report format that met the customized needs of the client. This highly-successful project has been ongoing for 12 months, addressing each unique challenge that arises and exceeding the expectations of the client.