Safeguarding and Streamlining 325B Cooler Transit


Enthalpy Analytical takes pride in offering a comprehensive turnkey 325B solution to petroleum refineries across North America. This all-inclusive solution encompasses analysis, equipment, software, and shipping services.

However, the shipping often posed a significant challenge, particularly for our clients located across the country, as it could become excessively costly.

After analyzing shipping costs, we discovered unexpected high rates when shipping the 325B coolers without a box, which shipping carriers euphemistically refer to as an Additional Handling Charge (AHC on an invoice). In response, we evolved of our shipping procedure.


Initially, we attempted to mitigate shipping costs by opting to use boxes for transporting the 325B coolers. This decision seemed promising and initially succeeded in eliminating certain courier fees that previously contributed to the overall expense.

However, it didn’t take long for us to realize that this approach, while well-intentioned, fell short of providing an optimal solution. One of the primary challenges we encountered using these boxes was the vulnerability of the coolers during transit. Despite taking measures to secure the contents within, we found that the boxes were often subject to mishandling and rough treatment by shipping carriers, resulting in frequent damage to the coolers. Such instances of damage were not only disheartening but also posed potential risks of compromising the valuable data and equipment contained within the coolers.

Moreover, the dimensions of the off-the-shelf boxes were not consistently compatible with the coolers, leading to additional charges. This added unexpected expenses to our shipping budget, negating the initial cost-saving benefits that we had hoped to achieve. It became evident that we needed a more efficient and customized packaging solution to safeguard the coolers and optimize the shipping process.

Resolving this pressing shipping issue became a top priority for Enthalpy Analytical, not only to ensure the safe delivery of our clients’ valuable equipment but also to retain their trust and loyalty.


After thorough exploration, we finally discovered a winning solution: custom foam inserts tailored for cubic boxes, complete with their individual slots for all tube holders and an ice pack slot. Although there was an initial cost associated with producing the foam inserts, the subsequent savings far outweighed this expense.

Following a comprehensive follow-up analysis, we achieved an impressive 50% estimated reduction in shipping costs relative to prior cooler shipping methods. This translated to a substantial gross savings in the tens of thousands, enabling us to offer more competitive pricing to our clients and provide a strong foundation for business growth.

Enthalpy Analytical’s dedication to finding an optimal shipping solution for the 325B coolers has yielded remarkable results. By adopting custom foam inserts and eliminating the shipment of coolers without boxes, we successfully reduced shipping costs, enhanced overall efficiency, and maintained competitive pricing for our valued clients in the petroleum refining industry.

Additionally, this positive change indirectly contributed to improved ambient air quality, as our 325B line now operates much more efficiently, allowing us to promptly deliver data back to the refineries and accelerate the detection of potential issues.

This achievement has not only solidified our position as a reliable turnkey solution provider but also positively impacted the environment by supporting more sustainable and streamlined operations. As we continue to prioritize innovation and customer satisfaction, we are committed to seeking further improvements and delivering top-notch services to the industries we serve.

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